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New AJ Page Speed Insights version 1.0 released!!

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Welcome to AJ Page Speed Insights - Joomla Module! (v1.0)

The AJ Page Speed Insights module uses Google’s PageSpeed API to analyze the content of your Joomla! site, then generates suggestions and illustrative graphics so you can optimize and make your site load faster.

This extremely useful module provides Webmasters and Developers with the tools to help them make right decisions to optimize their Joomla! web sites by analyzing the pages and generating tailored suggestions to make those pages load faster, it also displays a graphic illustrating the page speed score (using Google’s own measurement system) as well as a pie chart showing the page’s resource size breakdown by file type (see screenshot below).

How does it work?

The AJ Page Speed Insights module interacts with Google’s PageSpeed API which runs a number of diagnostic tests against a Joomla! web page, and analyzes the page's performance on a number of "rules" that are known to speed up page load time.  The rules are based on general principles of web page performance, including resource caching, data upload and download size, and client-server round-trip times. They examine factors such as web server configuration, JavaScript and CSS code, image file properties, and so on. For each rule, PageSpeed gives a general score, using a simple red-yellow-green grading scheme, and suggests specific techniques for correctly implementing each rule. It also provides some automatic optimization of external resources included on a page, such as minifying JavaScript code and compressing images.



Because this is a tool designed to help Webmasters and Developers running Joomla websites, the idea is that you would display the module on your site only to the Administrator(s), and you can do that simply by setting up the "Access" to the module as "Special" in the module configuration parameters.

Features and benefits

  • Easy to Implement and Use:
    Installation is very easy through the Joomla! Administrator just like any other extension, and all you have to do provide your own Google API Key, if you don't have one all you have to do is sign up on Google's Developer site to get a FREE API key (detailed instructions and installation steps are provided with the module).

  • Fully Customizable:
    You'll find all the necessary settings in the Module Manager item, conveniently divided into 3 major categories: Basic Options, Localization Labels and Advanced Options. All of them (except the API key) come with a default value that lets the module run out-of-the-box without having to manipulate all the available options the first time, letting you make the necessary adjustments anytime you want.

  • Mobile Device and Desktop Computer Analysis
    The analysis can be run as “Mobile Device” or “Desktop Computer” and it will generate tailored results and suggestions correspondingly. For the “Mobile Device” analysis, PageSpeed fetches the page with a webkit renderer (the same rendering engine found in iPhone and Android devices, among others) that emulates a mobile device.

  • Localization-Ready:
    You can setup the AJ Page Speed Insights Module to display the suggestions using one of the following supported languages:
    • Arabic
    • Bulgarian
    • Catalan
    • Chinese
    • Croatian
    • Czech
    • Danish
    • Dutch
    • English
    • Filipino
    • French
    • German
    • Greek
    • Hebrew
    • Hindi
    • Hungarian
    • Indonesian
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Latvian
    • Lithuanian
    • Norwegian
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Romanian
    • Russian
    • Serbian
    • Slovakian
    • Spanish
    • Swedish
    • Thai
    • Turkish
    • Ukrainian
    • Vietnamese

    All front-end labels and titles are conveniently editable right from the Module Manager configuration in the Joomla Administration, so you can easily manipulate the default values as required. The default values are given in English.

  • AJAX driven
    The module calls the Google's API using AJAX methods, so it doesn't disturb your page even if errors occur when communicating with Google.

Frequently asked questions REgarding google's pagespeed api (fAQs)

  • How much does someone need to know about web development before he/she can use this module?
    We assume that webmasters who are interested in improving their site's performance will probably have fairly advanced knowledge of web development techniques. Some PageSpeed rules are based on basic principles of web development; others are based on more advanced features. It is helpful to have some knowledge of web hosting technologies, HTTP, JavaScript and CSS. However, every suggestion displayed by the module comes with a direct link to it's definition and extensive relevant documentation on the Google's Developer website, so anyone can follow PageSpeed's recommendations.

  • Are the page results always live?
    Google's PageSpeed API caches results for a short period of time, so changes performed to your pages would be discovered by the API within a few minutes after you made them.

  • What rules is Google's PageSpeed API based on? Who created them? Why should someone trust them?
    Many of the rules used by Google's PageSpeed API came out of recommendations of blog posts and articles published by developers in the web community. Other rules were added by developers at Google based on research and internal use by Google applications.

  • Some of Google's PageSpeed's recommendations seem to go against certain design and development practices. Does Google think that only speed is important?
    Since PageSpeed API is a performance optimization tool, its recommendations are biased in favor of speed. However, Google recognizes that web development is complex, and their suggestions might be restrictive for an individual web site. You have to consider the tradeoffs for your own application: some of PageSpeed's recommendations take substantial effort to implement, so you need to evaluate the cost of making changes vs. the benefit the rule would have on your page. The goal is simply to point out the issues that you should consider fixing.

  • Are Google's PageSpeed's recommendations more applicable to Google's applications than to the average website?
    No. The advice given by PageSpeed is not specific to Google; it should improve the performance of any web page. Of course, pages that are slower have more to gain from PageSpeed's recommendations.

Important facts!

  • The Joomla page(s) that you want to analyze MUST reside in a server that's public to the internet because Google needs to be able to access them in order to be able to do it's job, so this module will not work on your Localhost or if you're site is password protected.  This doesn't mean necessarily mean that you have to show the module to everybody, you can always setup the module to be shown only to the Administrator of the site.

  • The Google's PageSpeed API (at the time of writing this text) allows you to make 2,500 calls per day. So, that's something to keep in the back of your mind in case you decide to install the module and leave it available to everybody to see (not recommended).  What happens if you go over the limit is that the module will stop working for the rest of that particular day.

Have Questions or Want to Learn More?

Contact us or visit our website at for the latest versions, forums and FAQs.

Component Version:
New AJ Page Speed Insights version 1.0 released!!

screenshots of The front-end of the module (installed on the top right position of the template)

New AJ Page Speed Insights version 1.0 released!!

screenshots of FRONT-END (Detailed)

Module Loading via AJAX (after page loaded):

New AJ Page Speed Insights version 1.0 released!!

Page Speed Score Graphic (showing Desktop Computer in this example):

New AJ Page Speed Insights version 1.0 released!!

Resource Size Breakdown Graphic:

New AJ Page Speed Insights version 1.0 released!!

Page Speed Suggestions for Desktop Computer in this case (showing results in English in this example, but they can be returned in any of the supported languages, also the results vary when Mobile Device is selected for performing the analysis)

New AJ Page Speed Insights version 1.0 released!!

When you click on any of the suggestions you'll be taken directly to the corresponding customized entry on Google Developer's website (the example below shows the page result after clicking on the High Priority suggestion called "Enable compression". Note that the page is rendered specifically for the page being analized which in this case is one of the for illustration purposes):

New AJ Page Speed Insights version 1.0 released!!

screenshots of Back-END (Module manager parameters)

Basic Options (Analysis can be either Desktop Computer or Mobile Device, and suggestions can be shown in any of the 36 languages supported)

New AJ Page Speed Insights version 1.0 released!!

Localization Labels for the Front-end (English labels are provided by default)

New AJ Page Speed Insights version 1.0 released!!

Advanced Options (here you can specify the dimensions for the graphic charts and others)

New AJ Page Speed Insights version 1.0 released!!

The "Access Reminder Alert" is an alert triggered in the Module Manager with the purpose of remind the user that it's a good idea to keep the access for this module available as "Special" so only Administrator(s) are able to see it. Such alert looks like this:

New AJ Page Speed Insights version 1.0 released!!

Component Version:
New AJ Page Speed Insights version 1.0 released!!

Version History

Version 1.0

  • First release